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In the field of advanced manufacturing, the General Institute of Machinery Group has actively seized the commanding point of technological innovation and vigorously developed advanced manufacturing technology, which has become an important cornerstone to support the development of Chinas equipment manufacturing industry. Scientific research achievements cover all-technology chains such as green...

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Harbin Welding Research Institute Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. Zhongji First Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Wuhan Material Protection Research Institute Co., Ltd. Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute Co., Ltd. Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Research Co., Ltd. Machinery Development Technology Co., Ltd. China Machinery Productivity Promotion Center Zhongji Huanyu Certification and Inspection Co., Ltd. Beijing Machinery Science Guochuang Lightweight Research Institute Co., Ltd. Yunnan Institute of Mechanical Research and Design Jiangsu Branch of General Academy of Mechanical Science Research Co., Ltd. Haixi (Fujian) Branch Co., Ltd., General Academy of Mechanical Sciences Qingdao Branch of General Academy of Mechanical Science Research Co., Ltd.

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